A few things about Portugal & it’s people

I have been living in Portugal for about three and a half months now and it would be odd if I didn’t have any remarks or surprises. A bigger review will be here after I leave this wonderful place, but here are some key notes.
– It is illegal to work as a PR practicioner and as a journalist at the same time in Portugal. Of course, we all know, it is not acceptable & everything, but here, they have a law on that, as I hear. It was interesting to hear that because, in some of the countries which I have researched, there is no law on this issue – it’s more like an unwritten law. Everybody knows it, most of them obey it.
– One of the most queer things that I had heard was the one my flatmate informed me about – it’s illegal to walk barefoot on the streets in Portugal. This is a part that I really don’t understand. Why should the government regulate something as foolish as this activity? And anyway – isn’t that against human rights or something? Okay, I’m just expressing my surprise, but this is weird indeed.
– You can drink on the streets. Anything, everywhere and at any time. Well, I guess this will be banned with time, because I know that they could smoke everywhere some time ago, but this has changed.
– And this is to the ladies – don’t be confused if you hear that you’re bonita or linda (both pretty much mean your’e beautiful) many times a day, from Portuguesse men… It just means that you have put on your skinny jeans and strapless top today.

Oh, I almost forgot – don’t forget to listen to Kate Nash today!

2 thoughts on “A few things about Portugal & it’s people

  1. Yeah, the first comment in this blog is MINE 🙂
    Just to remind you that you should not forget to put your skinny jeans on when I’ll come to visit you 🙂

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