Jamie’s the man

Tell me, what is the first thing that pops into your head, when you think about Essex? Is it London Stansted? Essex Girl? Well, Essex has been the birthplace and crucible of some of the most influential rock artists in the history of music including Iron Maiden, Depeche Mode, Blur and is birthplace of U2’s Dave “The Edge” Evans. But still – that’s not it. Essex is the birthplace of one of the most amazing singers/songwriters in the world. And I stand by my words. Still don’t know who I’m talking about? Here’s a hint – These are the days, Mind Trick, London Skies… Got it?
I’m not telling news now. I’m absolutely just reminding. Because – who doesn’t know him? No, seriously – who doesn’t?

Jamie Cullum (born 20 August 1979) is an English pop and jazz-pop singer-songwriter. Not only he is a great singer, he just had to be an amazing pianist, a quite good guitarist, and a drummer. He has it all.

His list of albums is good enough for an artist that is twentysomething still. The first one was released in 1999 (Heard It All Before), of which 500 copies were made. Due to their rarity, original copies have sold for as much as £600 on eBay. The success of Heard It All Before resulted in Cullum being invited to appear on Geoff Gascoyne’s album Songs of the Summer. After that one, he released Pointless Nostalgic in 2002, which was quite a big success. And then the success came in it’s best – he released Twentysomething in 2003, which was a huge success and got to #3 in UK, #83 in US, #2 in Australia. But that wasn’t enough for the guy. He had to release Catching Tales (2005) which got to #4 in UK, #49 in US, #26 in Australia, #30 in Germany and even #1 in Mexico. After getting a pretty much permanent place in the media and music markets, he has released Live at Ronnie Scott’s (2006) (exclusive for iTunes) and In the Mind of Jamie Cullum (Compilation CD). Let’s hope it doesn’t end there.

He has released three DVD’s as well. Personally, I’ve seen one of them – Live at Blenheim Palace. And It Was Amazing. Looking forward to seeing the one that was a Tribute to Brian Wilson (2005) where he performs “Sail on Sailor” with Fred Martin & The Levite Camp and especially the well known Telling Tales (2005) with Catching Tales Special Edition.
Jamie Cullum – These are the days.

Keep your eyes peeled, more coming up in just a little while. FYI: I quit sleeping a long time ago.

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