I think I just love all of the Jamie’s

Those of you, who know me the best, are already aware of my Jamie T addiction. It comes and goes, but alike heroin for some unfortunate people, it never leaves completely.
And you know what? It’s back. He just had to release an absolutely stunning new single, that took my breath away. He Had To (read this with big pauses between words).

Sticks’n’stones is, with no doubt, one of the best songs I’ve heard from the British market. Little naughty Jamie T did it again. As he did it with Sheila (still the longest time I had a certain ringtone for my mobile), as he did it with If You Got The Money and, as he did it with the whole Panic Prevention album. He just makes us move, makes us stomp our feet and try to sing along.

A few things about him:
Jamie T (full name Jamie Treays) was born 8 January 1986, and is a 23-year-old English singer/songwriter from Wimbledon, South London. He is currently signed to Virgin Records, but released his Betty and the Selfish Sons EP on his own Pacemaker Records label. He supported both the Ordinary Boys during their 2006 tour, and went on to defeat Jarvis Cocker and Thom Yorke to win the Best Solo Artist at the 2007 Shockwave NME Awards. He has also been nicknamed “one man Arctic Monkey”. Canvas Magazine has described him as “like the bastard lovechild of Billy Bragg and Mike Skinner doing his best Joe Strummer impression”. On 17 July 2007, Jamie T’s debut album Panic Prevention was shortlisted as one of the 12 nominees for the Mercury Prize. Big enough, huh?

And that isn’t it. The singles – Sheila (released on 3 July 2006) got to number 22 in the mighty United Kingdom, If You Got The Money (released 16 October 2006) got to number 13 (UK), Calm Down Dearest (released 15 January 2007) got to 9th place in the Kingdom and the re-issue of Sheila (on May 7th, 2007) got to number 15 in UK. Let’s see how much luck he will have Sticks’n’Stones which was released on 21 May 2009.

Anyway, all of that wasn’t enough for the guy as well. He teamed-up with one of my all time favorite singers – Miss Lily Allen, and recorded Rawhide. Hey, I is exactly how it looks – I’m very much into British music scene.

I so thank Frank Turner, who was so keen on Jamie T, that he just couldn’t resist introducing me to his music in the far, far year 2005. He was the one who gave me Sheila.

So, yeah, like the Latvian DJ Toms Grevins would say – this is your new favourite song. Jamie T – Sticks’n’stones. Enjoy. Because how could you not?

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