When sleeping is not an option

On busy nights, when then you’re engaged with so many things, but sleep is ruthlessly sitting next to you, trying to close your eyes and drizzle your mind, one might think of endless ways to stay awake.

Some might suggest drinking plenty of coffee. Coffee helps to improve alertness, attention and wakefulness and by that means it facilitates learning. In other words, coffee helps optimise the energy sources you have for learning. Yes, apparently it helps, but there’s a chance of overdosing and therefore creating the opposite effect – trembling hands and a heart flutter. And one might experience an unmistakable coffee-hangover on the next day, so, we have to keep searching for a better way.

We’re not even going to talk about energy drinks. They are awful. Take my word for it.

Cold showers every 15 minutes takes a lot more time, than the time for an actual working, so – will not do as well.

Smoking might help, but I’m not suggesting to do it. It’s a bad habbit and I will regret doing that one day.

I have heard people drinking coffee together with coke. I’ve never tried, though, but I think that must be a really important work/paper/etc. for you to do something like this to yourself.

Most probably, when working at nights, at some point there will be stress involved, right? When a person is under stress, the adrenal glands are depleted of vitamin C.  At this occurrence, the blood reaches a high oxidation level which makes the adrenal glands unable to fight off toxins; therefore, to protect the body, one must consume a higher level of vitamin C. So – maybe that’s the trick.

If you’re the fittest person in the universe, you can eat a lot of chocolate. It has been proved to help a little. I think, for it to help in visible ways, you have to eat a lot of it & most probably, before the actual effect, you’ll be fed up with it.

For me, personally, there are three things that usually help me not to fall asleep and keep some attention level. Coffee, strong green tea and pollen. You have to be a bit careful with the first ones, but the last one is a real miracle worker. Don’t take it, if you have the pollen allergies, though.

Stay tuned! I promise to keep exploring and searching for better ways to stay awake. Sleep is for the weak!

4 thoughts on “When sleeping is not an option

  1. You respire it (if you can get one legally of course 😉 )! Oxigen makes you stop yawning and helps your brain to process information more effective, however you should use it together with extra vit C as an antioxidant so your body does not get damaged (be careful – vit C overdose makes you totally relaxed & sleepy per se).
    By the way, the errors in late night, when you try to work and suddenly realise you are sleeping with your eyes open, are caused by a part of brain called formatio reticularis (not the lack of adrenalin).

    1. Haha, I really love that I have future (or current) medics among my friends!
      Thanks Aija, will keep all of the info in my mind!

      Cheers! 🙂

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